„Friendship is a single soul
dwelling in two bodies;
one heart living
in two souls.“


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ymedioteatro presents its most personal and vibrant proposal…

Being free, many times, is not about breaking
the bonds but about living together with them

While trying to do so, life repeats in an echo
that resonates in the walls of heads and hearts

This could be the recurrent nightmare of two
comedians caged on the stage. A dance of
visual metaphores that exposes the entangled
thread that has been weaving their relationship.
This could be our own story.

EchO has been already selected for all these big events:

37a Feria de Palma del Río, 2020
32a Fira de Titelles de Lleida, 2021
FETEN Gijón, 2021
Incanti Torino, 2021
Mercè Arts de Carrer, Barcelona, 2021
Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg, 2022
Panoptikum Festival Nürnberg, 2022
Teatralia Madrid, 2022

After its wonderful pass by the
Lleida Puppet Theatre Fair 2021
you can have a look on the
fantastic review by Toni Rumbau

Some images of the show

Concept : ymedioteatro
Direction: ymedioteatro, Delfín Caset and Zero en conducta Company
Actors/Puppeteers : Álex Ramos y Santos Sánchez
Scenery design : ymedioteatro
Scenery construction : ymedioteatro
Graphic design : Olaavi Naamio
Technical design and direction : Anette Malaussène y Álex Ramos

Produced in collaboration with
Sala Cero Teatro y el Ayto. de Torreperogil

Technical needs (you can download the technical sheet)
Minimal space measurements : 8 x 8 x 5 metres
Sound equipment adapted to the venue with an L/R conection on stage
Black curtains and robes and darkness in the room.

EchO has visited already all these venues:

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Professional company from Torreperogil, Jaén, Spain