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EchO Press dossier
March 2023


26 / 03 / 2023 – La tarde in 24H Channel- 24H by RTVE

Appearance of EchO on the World Theatre Day

14 / 03 / 2023 – Culturas 2 – La2 Channel by RTVE

Recomendation about EcO by Daniel Galindo in the show Culturas 2

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30 / 10 / 2022 – Ideal Jaén

The fun and emotional play ‘Eco’ opens the ‘Teatro para mimar’ cycle of the 23rd Autumn Festival – R. I.

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<< Sunday, October 30, 2022, 9:33 p.m.
Ingenuity, laughter, tenderness and intelligence in equal parts. This is how ‘Eco’ is built, the show by the brilliant Ymedio Teatro that has opened the ‘Teatro para pamper’ cycle of the 23 Jaén Autumn Festival. The Darymelia Theater has been the scene of a beautiful show from which all the attendees, young and old, have left with radiant eyes and well-armed smiles.

‘Eco’ is the result of the research on interpersonal relationships and, here in particular, that of a couple of comedians who have spent a lifetime sharing stage. A recurring nightmare, as in the myth of Sisyphus, condemned to repeat the same stage routines over and over again for an audience that, for them, also seems to be repeating itself. As its creators assure, being free, many times, does not consist in breaking the ties but in living with them.

Delicate, tender, kind, intelligent, original, surprising and evocative. Those could be some of the adjectives applicable to ‘Eco’. Handfulls of predisposition from the very first moment, because the two characters who bear the entire weight of the scene were shown in front of the public since the first glimpse. Arriving at the auditorium, attendees have already found these unique characters in front of them. First surprise, the story had already begun.

Álex Ramos and Santos Sánchez perfectly support the entire show from its start until the end. Prisoners of this situation that is repeated day after day, and facing the critical eye of their audience, the two actors demonstrate their mastery in the different disciplines with which they communicate throughout the production. Clown, puppets, object theater,… Parts of a whole that build a well-armed story, in a delicious and tender way, and without neglecting a fundamental ingredient: humor.

‘Eco’ has been exciting from the first moment. The public has been getting more and more into what was happening at the Darymelia, in total connection with the two characters who, from the stage, have directed the emotions of those present. Good job of two guys who do extraordinary things out of simplicity. >>

22 / 05 / 2022 – Última hora Mallorca

WITH A PAIR – Theatre Critic – Javier Matesanz

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<< There is no Echo without sound, no shadow without object, no reflection without image. They are not the same but they are. Neither the one without the other nor the other without the one. And in the end, there is no heartbeat either without heart, because that’s life; so that with a couple, which are two, with two red noses, two hands each that look like twenty-two, and two talents that grow and do not decrease even with smacks, the Ymedios multiply, leaving their name small, and they make us into testimony of their tender, mischievous, ingenious, amusing and beautiful complicity, which they show us in the ways of clowns and mimes and puppeteers, of good actors, who do not just make gestures or objects, but good theater, with or without text but very complete.

Because you laugh and startle, and are surprised and even empathize, until you discover that, like the Peter Pan that you are, and they also are, you want but you don’t want to escape from your shadow, from your Echo, or from theirs, and that what they do, although absurd, although oniric, although badass, it is the same thing that you do or would do when you dream or when they let you to do so.

Surely tomorrow we will remember them, and we will applaud them again looking at ourselves in the mirror, when we put on or fold our shirt, when someone reads next to us in bed, or when on the way to work we discover that our shadow is following us, and that neither she wants to go to the office. It is the Echo of our life, our echo. It is us. And we should enjoy it. We did it. Thank you. >>

01 / 10 / 2021 –


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<< Questo spettacolo ha un significato molto bello, perché può rappresentare il vero senso dell’amicizia >>
(This show has a very beautiful message, because it can portray the true meaning of friendship.)


<< Ho trovato questo spettacolo molto coinvolgente ed emozionante. Mi sono divertita ma al tempo stesso sono riuscita a riflettere su tanti aspetti importanti della mia vita: mi sono resa conto di quanto i legami tra persone siano forti e importanti. >>
(I have found this show very attractive and exciting. I had fun but at the same time I was able to reflect on many important aspects of my life: I realized how strong and important the ties between people are.)


<< Consiglio questo spettacolo ad adulti e adolescenti che hanno voglia di emozionarsi. >>
(I recommend this show to all those adults and teenagers who want to get moved inside.)

04 / 05 / 2021 –

Second day at the Lleida Puppet Fair

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03 / 12 / 2020 – Diario de Córdoba

ymedioteatro llega a Palma con ‘EcO’, un montaje que fusiona clown, movimiento y mimo
ymedioteatro arrives to Palma with ‘Eco’, a show that mixes clown, movement and mime

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04 / 10 / 2020 – Ideal Úbeda

Un espectáculo delicado, tierno incluso, cuidado hasta el último detalle
A delicate show, even tender, carefully made to the last detail

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11 / 02 / 2020 – Lumière Noire Musique

‘EcO’ de Ymedio Teatro y la forma más dulce de desatarse
‘EchO’ by ymedioteatro, and the sweetest way to unleash

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