A theatre on wheels.
Inside it, in a little more of SEVEN square meters,
two performers and fifteen spectators
during no more than ten minutes.
A pretty special

ymedioteatro creates SIE7E, an innovative show for all ages that merges street and indoor theatre. Two shows in one to make a unique experience.
A new theatre opens up in the town but it is not the standard kind…
A theatre you have never seen before. A theatre on wheels. Inside of it, with its only SEVEN square meters, groups of fifteen people will enjoy 10 minutes sessions. A detailed miniature stage where the biggest dreams take place.
Surprising comedy sketches based on the manipulation of everyday objects that come alive magically ant tell us their emotive stories.

Duration: 3 or 4 hours of continuous 10/20 minutes passes.
Spectacle for all ages. Recommended from 5 years on.

Concept : ymedioteatro
Actors/Puppeteers : Álex Ramos and Santos Sánchez
Scenery design : ymedioteatro
Scenery construction : ymedioteatro, Pedro Sánchez and Isabel Torres
Graphic design : Olaavi Naamio
Direction : ymedioteatro

Technical requirements :
The theater must be placed in an open location (it could also be a large indoor space), flat, with no slope and clean, like plazas, promenades, parks, halls, arcades, etc., with access for a 9 meters long articulated vehicle (a van with a trailer). Once installed it occupies an area of 6 m. long by 3 m. wide and 3,5 m. high. It is advisable to provide fences to mark off that perimeter. For a greater and better enjoy of the show it would be optimal to start from the sunset on.

The organizer will provide the company with an standard electric plug (schuko type) at less than 10 meters from the location of the theater.

The company has posters and other print materials for the advertisement of the show and contributes with all the equipment needed for the correct development of the event, including lights and sound.

If you need more information go on to the contact section of the web and don’t hesitate about writing us.

 Here you can see the map of locations we have been in with SIE7E.

Watch SIE7E in a wider map


Professional company from Torreperogil, Jaén, Spain