«A little marvel. A beautiful and intense show.»
Silvia Limone, Krapp’s Last Post, Torino

«A work of an excellent workmanship.»
Toni Rumbau, Titeresante Magazine, Barcelona

SoloS is a comical and tender gaze through the keyhole of the home of one of many invisible old men.

An old radio solaces the routine days of Aurelio. Many years have passed since the last muffin batch got out of his bakery, a couple of weeks since he stepped on the street for the last time and barely a glimpse since he doesn’t remember what he had forgotten. Not noticing it, he has awakened the sleeping voice of the objects which, animated by his delirium, disguise into puppets to tell him their secrets.

A poetic spectacle to laugh at life.

ymedioteatro has developed a proposal where actors and puppets support each other to tell the very same story. An obsessive work of precision with the aim of transform the simplicity of everyday life into magic. A very personal way of lighting up the privacy of the puppets that the company began on its former show SIE7E, which is still touring all around the world.

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SoloS is a recommended show in the Basque Theatre Network – SAREA for 2017
Best Show at the Titirijai Festival 2016 in the TOPIC – Tolosa
Best Artistic Ensemble at Plovdiv International Puppet Festival 2016, Bulgaria

Show without text (the characters speak some nonsense words, that’s all)
Minimum age recommended : 7 years
Length : 55 minutes
SoloS is an indoor theatre show, although it is also adjustable to fit in special or non-conventional theatres or venues.
All needed materials and crew travel everywhere easily by plane.

Original idea : ymedioteatro
Actors / Puppeteers : Santos Sánchez, Meri Fernández & Alex Ramos
Direction: ymedioteatro
Scenery design : ymedioteatro
Scenery making : ymedioteatro
Art direction : Isabel Torres
Costume design : Meri Fernández
Costume making : El Costurero de Seve
Graphic design : Olaavi Naamio
Technical design and direction : Anette Malaussène

Technical requirements
Minimum space measurements : 5 x 5 x 3 metres
Sound equipment suitable for the venue with an L/R connection on stage
2 standard schuko power sockets of 220 volts on stage
Black robes on stage and full darkness
It is recommended that the audience sits in tiers for an optimum visibility
The company brings its own lighting equipment

If you need any other information, please go to the contact section and write us. Thanks.

Here you can have a look on the map of the tour we have done with SoloS.

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Professional company from Torreperogil, Jaén, Spain