OSS Workshop

Open Source Stage is a divulgation project by Anette Malaussène & Alex Ramos about the methods and tools they use in ymedioteatro for the making, directing and technical control of their shows with no need of technical personel.

It is a workshop with an adaptable length which goes from computing and stage technical basic concepts to programming and controlling a wide variety of useful elements in the performing arts environment: sound, light, machinery, video, etc. All of it using exclusively Free Open Source Software.

A workshop specially oriented to solo artists, puppeteers, small companies, emerging companies… And to all of those who might have interest on the topic.
And designed to find its place inside the program of festivals and conventions for puppeteers, novel companies, small format shows, etc.

Here you can download an aproximate contents and development dossier of the workshop in PDF format.

Do not hesitate in consulting our calendar availability and prices for the workshop just by writing us to our email:


Professional company from Torreperogil, Jaén, Spain